Räpina Gardening School is one of the most unique vocational school in Estonia, it is specialised in teaching environmental and nature-connected study programmes. The school was founded in 1924. There are about 800 students currently studying and 60 teachers working in Räpina Gardening School. The college has a gym, three dormitories, modern greenhouse, farm for practical studies and a rich dendrology park.

The school is the oldest and also the biggest vocational school teaching horticultural subjects in Estonia.   There are various study programmes taught: gardening study programme, landscape design, floristics and textile work can be learned in Räpina Gardening School after graduation from basic school, landscape design, floristics and protection of natural resources are taught to the students, who have already gained secondary education. Gardening, landscape design, floristics and protection of natural resources are also taught as distance learning programmes and they are very popular among the adult students.

Räpina Gardening School has a broad network of contacts all over Estonia and Europe: gardening companies, florists, microbiologic laboratories, county environmental departments and wild life sanctuaries, Estonian Gardening Association, Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce. The school has good relations thanks to various projects with the Integration Foundation and the Centre for Educational Programmes Archimedes Foundation. Räpina Gardening School has every year Leonardo student and teacher’s mobility projects with foreign partner schools and companies. Our students have an opportunity to attend their traineeship in Latvia, Finland, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Great Britain.