Information of Nordwin College

Nordwin College is an organization for "Green" education in the province of Friesland. Nordwin College consists of four schools for secondary and dual learning BBL (pre-vocational education VMBO GREEN in Buitenpost, Heerenveen, Leeuwarden and Sneek), a school for vocational and dual learning BBL (MBO GREEN Leeuwarden) and a central office (Leeuwarden) for course and contract activities and central administration.

A policy priority within Nordwin College is sustainability, both in business and in education. Since 2014, all locations are recognized as Eco-school ( A second priority is internationalization. All locations of the Nordwin involved in internationalization.

Important courses in the Vocational Education MBO of Nordwin College are dairy, water, veterinary assistant and food technology. For dairy farming Nordwin College is partner in the Dairy Campus Leeuwarden.

The Vocational Education is competence oriented and is becoming more international. As a member of a consortium of eight Agricultural Education Centre AOCs, applications each year for mobility of students and teachers are made in the context of the Erasmus Plus project  There are contacts with agricultural schools in countries as Bulgaria, Germany, France, Norway,Turkey, China and Ethiopia.

As a relatively small organization (approximately 3500 students and 300 staff) Nordwin College is looking for partnerships with other educational organizations, like 4Groen a joint venture of the AOCs:  Nordwin College,  AOC East, Green Welle and Terra. Along with the Friesland College  the courses of Life Sciences are offered. Nordwin College is a member of Europea Netherlands and thus part of a network of some 1,000 green schools in Europe. Also Nordwin College one of 15 partners in the EREIVET network, a network of organizations, local authorities and schools in 12 European countries.