Magyar Gyula Horticultural Technical School and Vocational Training School

Introduction to the school

The Magyar Gyula Horticultural Technical School and Vocational Training School, an esteemed educational institution in Hungary. Founded over a century ago, this school has become a cornerstone in horticultural, floristry and vocational education, not just in Hungary but recognized for its excellence across Europe.

Our institution stands out as one of the largest and most acclaimed horticultural vocational training schools in the country, renowned for producing generations of skilled gardeners, landscape designers, and florists.

The growing interest in horticulture and our successful teaching methodologies have led to a continual increase in our class sizes year after year. Our curriculum is diverse, offering instruction in English, French, and German. This multilingual approach, combined with hands-on professional training, often includes practical experiences in various European countries, preparing our students for global careers.

What sets us apart is our commitment to inclusivity and support. Our educational system is tailored to cater to students with specific educational needs, including those with physical, sensory, and speech impairments, as well as learning difficulties. Our dedicated team of psychologists and educational development teachers work tirelessly to support every student's learning journey.

Beyond academics, we emphasize a holistic educational experience. Our aesthetically pleasing campus and botanical garden provide a serene learning environment, while our modern IT infrastructure ensures our students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills for the contemporary horticultural industry.

Lastly, the school boasts a comfortable cafeteria, ensuring our students enjoy a convenient and nourishing dining experience.

International cooperations:

Since the late 1990s, they have been performing outstanding work in the international field, actively supporting the international practices of students (also with special needs). They continuously participate in strategic partnership programs and many colleagues possess extensive international experience. They regularly host foreign groups from France, Sweden, Finland, Turkey. We are proud to be one of the founders of many  organisations -Union of Hungarian Horticultural Skilled Institutes (MAKESZISZ), FLORNET, Die Europäer). They are members of numerous international professional organizations. Besides English and German, French is also taught at the school, which is unique in the field of agricultural vocational education. They are active participants and sponsors in the Worldskills and Euroskills competitions.

As a member of the Agricultural Vocational Centre of the Central Hungarian Region they enjoy the benefits of the Erasmus+ VET accrediation and sending students to Germany, Italy and also to Croatia for short term mobility programs and also for competitons.

Professions we offer:

  • gardener (3 years education)

Descreption: The gardener independently carries out the general care of vegetable plants, fruit-bearing plants, and grapevines (soil cultivation, sowing, planting, establishment, nutrient replenishment, irrigation) and, under supervision, performs specialized care tasks (pruning, plant protection). They also handle harvesting and preparing the produce for sale. The gardener operates and maintains power machinery and hand tools used in horticultural cultivation.

  • gardening technician (5 years education)

specialisations after 2 years in our school:

  • Ornamental Plant Cultivator, Florist

The ornamental plant cultivator and florist specialist propagates ornamental plants, performs extraction, picking, and harvesting; produces and cares for seedlings and saplings. They prepare propagation materials, plant, conduct soil work, weeding, soil conservation, nutrient replenishment, irrigation, and plant care tasks. They skillfully use, operate, and maintain the machinery, tools, and equipment necessary for their activities. They adhere to labor, fire, accident, and environmental protection regulations related to ornamental plant cultivation. They independently plan and organize the work processes of ornamental plant cultivation.

This specialist handles, cares for, prepares, and packages cut flowers, greenery, and potted plants. They provide expert advice to customers and clients on plant placement, care, and selection of floral decorations. They create and package various styles of occasional bouquets, pinned floral arrangements, and wreaths. They perform floral decoration tasks, set up plant compositions, create plans for these, and conduct cost calculations. They prepare and manage flower sales. They lead individuals and groups engaged in cultivation tasks. They follow labor, fire, accident, and environmental protection regulations related to floristry. Additionally, they establish and run their own business.

  • Medicinal Herb Grower

The medicinal herb grower specialist carries out the soil preparation and nutrient replenishment necessary for cultivating medicinal and culinary herbs. They propagate and plant these herbs, and perform the necessary care and maintenance tasks. The specialist harvests medicinal and culinary herbs and processes the collected or cultivated herbs in their primary form. They store and package herbal drugs. The expert skillfully uses, operates, and maintains the machinery required for their activities. They are capable of independently planning the work processes of medicinal and culinary herb cultivation, leading groups, and working collaboratively with them. During their work, they adhere to labor, fire, accident, and environmental protection regulations. They also establish and operate their own business.

  • Landscape gardener

The landscape gardener is a specialist who constructs garden steps, pathways and pavement, creates garden water architectures, small structures, and irrigation systems, and installs as well as maintains garden wooden and metal structures, fences, gates, pergolas, arbors, and wooden decks. They plant and maintain green spaces, as well as build and upkeep roof gardens and green walls. This professional applies the design principles and styles of historical and contemporary gardens, including architectural and landscape art fundamentals. Using one of the most renowned garden design software, they create plan sheets and visual representations for domestic gardens. They perform construction and supervisory tasks based on the licensed plan documentation for urban green spaces. They operate and maintain the machinery, tools, and equipment necessary for their activities. This role also involves leading individuals and groups performing these tasks. During their work, they adhere to labor, fire, accident, environmental, and nature conservation regulations. They establish and run their own business.

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