Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre

Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre (further - KAUPA) is one of the largest vocational training centres in Lithuania. For more than 80 years, it has earned a competitive and reliable educational institution name.

The centre is a modern, dynamic educational institution, remaining responsive to labor market changes and eagerly applying innovative forms of education. The Centre has around 500 staff members and 4500 students. The Centre’s teachers provide high-quality formal and non-formal education services: primary (9 and 10 classes), secondary, adult, vocational and early childhood education. The Centre offers an attractive and promising different kind of specialties, modern and practical bases. The scope of specialties embraces sectors of beauty, business, health and social welfare. 

In 2003 Karalius Mindaugas Vocational Training Centre has gained European recognition - has been certified by the International Education Society (IES). Each student completed a vocational training program can receive international certification.

In co-operation with international and local partners the Centre actively participates in the development of vocational training, implements modern training technologies, prepares vocational training programes and studies. The teachers continually improve their qualification in the EU countries and students have a possibility of practical training abroad (in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Germany, etc.).

The Centre has developed institutional partners network not only abroad but at the local level as well: it actively participates in the activities of Lithuanian VET institutions association; the centre closely collaborates with labor market representatives and stakeholder from Kaunas region within partnerships with Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts and Kaunas Labor Exchange.

The Floristry Department is one of the newest and most ambitious departments employing qualified specialists whose works are famous all over Europe. The training programmes meet the highest standards of theoretical and practical training. Floristry – science, art, lifestyle. These words are used to introduce the floristry training programme to a person who seeks an opportunity to reveal and improve his/her creative powers. In the course of floristry studies, you will know and learn the following:


  • the botanical variety of flora;
  • flower cultivation and care characteristics;
  • floral composition art;
  • bouquet preparation techniques;
  • floral composition creation methods;
  • festive and ceremonial decoration;
  • interior decoration by using floral objects;
  • floristry business organization.


By accepting and preparing floristry orders in the new Floristry Studio, you will acquire useful experience not only for your future career, but also for every-day life. The students plan their learning and carefully compile the portfolio of their achievements.


The Floristry Department is an active participant of the EU projects and has currently submitted two applications to receive financing for student internships and improvement of foreign language skills.

The Department is proud of and appreciates the friendship with such floristry schools and networks as Atelier5 (Switzerland), Smilax (Spain), Sibirskaya Orchideya (Russia), Flornet (Europe).



Website: http://www.kaupa.lt/en

Email: rastine@kaupa.lt