Floral art school A-Z

About us

Floral art school A-Z was based in 1987 by Rita Garaissilas. Currently, the school head is Aija Žagarina.

During these past 30 years the school graduated more than 1000 students from different countries like - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Italy, USA, Canada, Israel, Great Britain, France, Moldova, Uzbekistan.

We do workshops, Master class, Landart, exhibition and shows.

Various training programs can be learned at the school.

During the study process, students acquire knowledge in colour teaching, composition, technical and artistic skills in bouquets, table decor, interior decoration. There are special cycles in wedding Floristry and sympathy Floristry, decoration of different celebrations. Interior design, environmental objects, window dressing, marketing and management are part of the teaching process. As well the historical styles and the latest trends.

The graduates of this program have the opportunity to obtain Master's qualification as a florist. On condition they passed qualification exams and they have previous experience in florist of 8 years. Master's diploma is given by the Latvian Chamber of Crafts, whose members are our school graduates.

We have summer training cycles, off-site workshops in different parts of the world. The theme of Landart has been popular in our school for more than 20 years and in the last 10 years we are trying to go to the most unusual places. We've been to Altaia, the Indian Himalayas,Nepal and the Thai jungle.

The school head is Aija Žagarina. Studied Floristry in Latvia and other countries, master's degree in florist since 1999. In parallel with the school in Latvia, she conducts seminars in several countries where students receive diplomas from the Floral art school A-Z. Organizes exhibitions and is an organizer and a jury member of international competitions. Has written and published 3 books of Floristry.




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