Third general assembly of FLORNET

the participants of the meeting

The third general assembly of the “European network for professional education in floristry - FLORNET” was a successful meeting at Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan Germany. During the two days conference the board of FLORNET informed the participants about the development of the International Associate and International Bachelor education in Floristry. This Leonardo da Vinic project and the project “Certifying judges and assessors” is also a cooperation between FLORNET as the representing organization of education and FLORINT representing the branch.

Ference Kruzslicz and Simon Ogrisek the representatives of FLORINT talked about the further significance of these projects and the establishment of the European platform for education and industry.
Furthermore FLORNET welcomes the Anne-Frank-Berufskolleg in Münster Germany and the School for horticulture and visual arts in Celje Slovenia as new full members.

By using power point presentations the 4 applying schools from Luxembourg and Italy introduced themselves. Last but not least André Huigens the EQF/ECVET expert for Europe and member of ECVET team Europe facilitators group gave an excellent presentation to the plenary.
The photo above shows the participants of the meeting.

Board of FLORNET
Harrie Meijer, Marianne Wieler, Enrico Sparago

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