Successful pilot in Finland

Beautiful Finland was the host for the 9th work group meeting during the ongoing K2-projekt Towards a Common and Transparent European Learning and Working Framework through ECVET and EQAVET. This time there were several important goals

One of them was trying out one of the learning units, in this case ”Customer Service and Sales: Flower Shop Work and Maintenance”, verifying that the unit works not only in theory but also in practise.

Another goal was to certify four new international assessors, who will be able to assess students according to the EU standards for the different levels of skills within floristry.

The scene for this was the flower shop at KEUDA in Mäntsälä. Working in pairs the candidates closely observed the students in the shop, with focus on behaviour towards customers, making arrangements/bouquets and general maintenance. After these observations the candidates interviewed the students and gave final feedback.

During all this, the Steering Committee and the project members/representatives served as observers and assessed the candidates´ skills in evaluating the students. The certification was completed after interviewing the candidates individually.

To conclude, the pilot proved to be very valuable and a great way to try out a learning unit with students in a real setting, and also a satisfactory method to successfully certify candidates wanting to become international assessors.

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