Students of de Groene Welle successful at the Dutch championship for juniors 2012

On Tuesday September 4th 2012 the annual festival Floral Movement took place, this time at the Floriade in Venlo.
On the programme were, inter alia, the final of the Dutch championship for juniors 2012 (Silver Tulip trophy) and the final of the Bouquets contest 2012.

Three (former) students of de Groene Welle were very successful in the competition:

  • Roxanne van Schellen, former student Flower Design, became Dutch Champion.
  • In May 2013 she will represent the Netherlands at the Eurofleurs in Split, Croatia.
  • Dennis Wijsbeek, last year’s student level 4, came second.
  • Thijs Harmens, also a last year’s student level 4, came sixth.

In the finals of the Bouquets contest Thijs Harmens ended at the tenth rank as well out of 41 participants.

Not a bad score for de Groene Welle and their students.

The contest consisted of several parts:

  • The participants had to include a plant arrangement in a sitting area.
    This arrangement had to be made in the way, that it could survive by being watered just once a month; besides that the arrangement had to be in accordance with one of the 5 unique worlds of the Floriade: Relax & Heal, Green Engine, Education & Innovation, Environment, World Show Stage.
  • There was also a task with the theme 'mad on berries and fruit '.
    The design for this task was free.
  • Participant also had to work on an arrangement under the name “Holland: Flowers country!”
  • In this assignment roses had to be presented prominently and the use of Dutch flag was mandatory.

Curious about the results? Click here to see the pictures.

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