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IFTF – 2015

In the beginning of November (November 4th till 6th) the IFTF 2015 - International Floriculture & Horticulture Trade Fair takes place. IFTF is a successful international floriculture and horticulture trade fair at the Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. Mainly international, but also some Dutch, suppliers present their flowers there. Around 250 Dutch and international flower growers, and related floriculture suppliers will exhibit at IFTF. Together with FloraHolland Trade Fair and many open houses of especially flower breeders, it forms without any discussion world’s biggest floricultural trade event. A smaller-scale event catering to florists and niche products took place during IFTF last year. This time around, IFTF is expanding it into a more elaborate event: IFTF World of Flowers.


‘IFTF World of Flowers’: a unique three-day event for florists will take place under that name at the IFTF floriculture trade fair in The Netherlands (4-6 November). With its eyes set firmly on the future, World of Flowers will erect the ‘Flower Shop of Tomorrow’. Within that framework, solutions will be brought up for various issues which florists find themselves confronted with – now as well as in the near future. The event is being organized by International Florist Organisation Florint, Green Team Consultancy+ and IFTF.

The Flower Shop of Tomorrow

The immense challenges that the future will bring are central to the IFTF World of Flowers event. You may think, for example, of the rapidly changing market and the parties that (will) define that market, but also the exponential growth of modern media and digital technology, which demands a lot of the florist. Meanwhile, the consumer and his buying behaviour keep changing as well. How does a florist formulate answers to these complex challenges?
To contribute to solutions to these vital issues, IFTF World of Flowers will present the ‘flower shop of tomorrow’ for the florist of the future! What does such a flower shop look like? It’s a shop where change is embraced, and passion reigns; a shop where the consumer is regularly rediscovered; a place where, in this case, inspiring floral design demonstrations constantly take place.

Tailor-made for the florist

For florists, there is clearly every reason to visit IFTF 2015. World of Flowers is guaranteed to provide answers to some of the fundamental questions that today’s (and tomorrow’s) florist is forced to come to grips with. And will offer tools that allow you to face the future in a well-prepared and confident fashion.
The event also aims to strengthen the communication between florists and the other parties to the floriculture chain. Growers, breeders and suppliers of decorative materials are therefore also welcome at IFTF World of Flowers. Whatever the flower shop of the
future may end up looking like, after all, there cannot be a flower shop without florist products.

The event program

The program of the World of Flowers event is to a large extent set in stone already. The appearance of the ‘flower shop of the future’ will vary, depending on the time.

  • On Wednesday, November 4th, there will be a major bridal work demonstration
  • On Wednesday, November 4th, the finals of the VBW flower cup takes place
  • On Thursday November 5th, the Education Summit on Education in Floristry, organised by Florint and FLORNET takes place. The aim of this education summit is to look into today’s education in floristry, not just from a school perspective, but in a general perspective.
  • On Friday, November 6th  and Saturday 7th, Florint will organize its annual Member’s Congress at the IFTF World of Flowers site. The theme of that congress is also ‘The Florist of the Future’, so there will be all kinds of interesting links between the congress and the show next door
  • From Friday November 6th till Sunday 8th Florint organises a seminar on the Judges Certification system, which will be the ideal preparation for the official national assessment procedure for candidate judges.

Education Summit on Education in Floristry - November 5th

Linked to the IFTF and the Member’s Congress of Florint, at Florint and FLORNET will organise the education summit on Education in Floristry.
Members and partner schools of FLORNET, members of Florint, floristry national association’s officers who are dedicated to education and providers of work based continued education are invited to attend this summit.
More information will follow.

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