FLORNET newsletter – 8

“BWFC 2015“ Barcelona World Flower Cup – a online competition in floral art

For 3 years now, every year Escola d´ Art Floral de Catalunya offered an online competition for florists. For the upcoming competition there will be two different groups: BWFC florists and students in floristry can apply, but students need to be younger than 25 years. For the upcoming competition it´s planned to have two different categories that will compete: florists in training / students and florists.

The fee for florists in training / students that will participate will be lower as the fee for florists. The fee for florists in training / students will be 20 Euro.

The jury will consist out of two representatives from the international floral industry (Florint) and two representatives from international floral education. As representative of the organising organisation / school, Daniel Santamaria will be one of the jury members representing education. Mike Bourguinon (Florint) has been asked to nominate the two members of jury, representing the international floral industry.

In June 2015 the description of the regulation, tasks and instruction will be ready and presented at the website and Facebook page of Escola d´ Art Floral de Catalunya.

The application to be registered as a competitor is open until September 2015.

In March 2016 after the assessment of the jury, the winner will be nominated.

Some photos from the competition of 2014 can be found at the Facebook page

Education summit November 2015

In the beginning of November the fair trade of FloraHolland (IFTF) takes place. Linked to the IFTF Florint will organise their members congress starting in the evening of the 5th until the 7th November. At November 5th Florint and FLORNET are planning to organise an education summit.

The aim of this education summit is really to look into today’s education and organise a conference that looks at education not just from a school perspective, but in a general perspective. In this light the key message is that everybody deserves an education with a clear red line running across European education courses - be the school based education in colleges and, especially in work based continued professional development.

Ideally all floristry national association’s officers who are dedicated to education as well as Colleges in floristry and providers of work based continued education will be invited to attend this summit. More information will follow!

Barcelona Floral Art International Congress October 2016

Escola d´ Art Floral de Catalunya has the intention to organize an international congress in floristry during the “Rambla de les Flors” Festival in 2016.

Annually the school organizes the floral decoration in “La Rambla”, the most significant street of the city centre of Barcelona. (In 2015 the festival will take place from the 3rd to the 7th of October.)

It is planned to organize a congress of floristry and floral art coinciding with the festival “Rambla de Les Flors” during the first week of October 2016. It is the idea to involve the FLORNET members into the international congress and the floral decoration in “La Rambla”. The festival includes floral events, decoration of fronts of buildings (façade), street floral demonstrations and floral displays in public spaces. (Teatre del Liceu, Palau Moja, Reial Academia de Ciencies I Arts, Palau de la Virreina, Centre d´art Santa Mónica)

The idea is to organize a congress to discuss about floristry and floral art and to exchange information about floristry education.

The team of Escola d´ Art Floral de Catalunya will make a draft/scribble of the content and the condition to participate at the congress and the festival. They also will list up the places where the exhibition work can take place. The first offer is for members and mobility partners within FLORNET.  More information will follow!

Europa Cup 2016

From the 7th to the 9th of April, the Fiera di Genova exhibition centre and Florint will be hosting the Europa Cup. It will make for a perfect time and place – in mid spring, at the gorgeous Italian Riviera – to celebrate world-class floristry.

2016 will also mark Florint’ s 60th anniversary since its inception in the city of Strasbourg.  The celebration of the Europa Cup is without a doubt the perfect opportunity to commemorate the unique history of Florint and the European championships.

Competitions are the doors to innovation. They are an occasion for top-level florists to push the boundaries of their art form, nurturing new ideas, interpretations, and design styles. An occasion like the European Floristry Championship is a perfect opportunity for the world of floristry to showcase its talents, in front of fellow florists as well as fans and consumers.

All this innovation is fostered through Florint’ s and FLORNET’s certified international judges and 100-points judging system, which together guarantee a level playing field for all competitors. The judges and system are the guardians of fair innovation, and have been widely acknowledged as such. They are present both in national and international competitions, the latest occasion being at the Interflora World Cup in Berlin.

Candidates for the Europa Cup will be presented by their Members, the national florist associations. All of them have been eagerly awaiting the moment that their national champions will demonstrate their skills and proudly represent their country’s floristry sector. Pre-registration is open as of now until October!

Linked to the Europa Cup 2016 in Genova the members congress of FLORNET will be organised. In discussion is to organise a competition of students, attending one of the member schools of FLORNET.

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