FLORNET newsletter - 7

A short status on FLORNET in order to keep you updated

3rd General Assembly FLORNET transnational network
The next General Assembly will take place in Freising, Germany from Wednesday 13th till Saturday 16th of November - with Wednesday and Saturday being travel days.

Meeting in the board
Before the meeting in Germany, the members of the board will meet. This preparatory meeting (12th meeting of the board) will take place in Sanremo, Thursday 19th of September.

In order to have an up-dated website (www.flornet.eu), new articles, current news and items for the calendar are placed.

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International Associate and International Bachelor in Floristry and Design
The Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project has now come to an end; the partners are preparing the final report and the end products. On our website (www.flornet.eu) you can find a lot of information already.

Certifying Judges and Assessors in Floristry Design
It’s been now one year since the very successful Leonardo da Vinci partnership project Certifying Judges and Assessors in Floristry Design was ended.
In the meantime this spring a new project (the follow-up project JudgCert II) has being sent in. Unfortunately the assessment of the newly applied project was negative: after reading the first answer in the bit of 50 pages, the project assessors concluded that European subsidy can’t be used for dissemination of earlier projects. As they didn’t read the rest of the application they missed all written out project goals and several European priorities incorporated into the proposal for a new application.

Assessment of International Judge and Assessor in Floristry Design
Although the project JudgCert II wasn’t granted last July, one of the goals in the project will be carried out in the upcoming two / three years: the education and assessment of judges and assessors on national level in 11 European countries.
In advance of the national assessments, as example for the education on national level an assessment of International Judges will be organised in Brussels from Friday 11th till Monday 14th of October. Representatives of the national floristry association in these 11 countries are invited to observe the international assessment.
Probably 8 people (among them FLORNET colleague Tiina Raïha) will be assessed to become an International Judge and Assessor. The assessment committee, consisting out of 4 people will be presided by FLORNET colleague Marianne Wieler.

FLORNET on Facebook
If you have not had time to do it yet, please visit FLORNET’s Facebook page on the Internet. The site already has around 80 regular followers, and news posted on Facebook often is read by 150-300 readers. The FLORNET Facebook page seems to be the most common entry point to www.flornet.eu. Thanks to Marianne Wieler, for putting a lot of energy into this important activity.

International FLORNET module
Upcoming spring (April 2014) the Staatliche Fachschule für Blumenkunst Weihenstephan will offer their 5th international FLORNET module. Have a look at FLORNET’s website to be informed about FLORNET’s new module. Marianne Wieler will send information by email to the members as well.

European Platform for Education and Industry in floristry
For many years now, FLORINT and FLORNET are co-operating together closely in the Task Force FloFlo. Within the Leonardo da Vinci partnership project FLORNET and FLORINT are working on the institutionalisation of a European Platform for Floristry. Last week the draft statutes of the platform became ready. The statutes will be proposed to the General Assemblies of FLORNET and FLORINT.

New members
As mentioned during the last General Assembly there are 5 institutes interested to become a probationary member within FLORNET. As it seems this very moment two of these institutes will apply to become a new member and one applied already.


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