FLORNET newsletter – 13

Todays florist for tomorrows consumer - 2015, November 6th

Linked to the Florint’s Member Congress in Rotterdam and  the Education Summit on Education in Floristry on November 5th in Vijfhuizen, Florint and partners have been hard at work looking into the following:

  • today’s challenges
  • what tools does the florist need today
  • tomorrow’s consumer: the millennials

The study has come to one central conclusion: Passion.

Passion will be the only tool that will answer to today’s market of millennials (ages 19-34), who will be the florist’s target audience for the next 20 years. Bases on the most important study on consumer behaviour and its relation to florists done today, the presentation will focus on how to refocus your florist passion and floral DNA to these millennials by:

  • presentation on millennials
  • presentation on floral DNA
  • three tailored IFTF ‘Flower Shops of the Future' by three top-notch floral designers:
    • Pim van den Akker
    • Dani Santamaria
    • Menno Kroon.


The demonstrators at IFTF:

Floral master, teacher, author and designer: Pim van den Akker is all of it.
Born in the west part of the Netherlands Holland; he developed a deep love for flowers and plants very early on…

For years now this internationally acclaimed floral designer has successfully drawn the attention of growers, florists, designers, the media and consumers to the pure beauty and emotional strength of flowers.

He is the owner of Pimdesigned, his design company in Delft, and the driving force behind the FlowerFactor phenomenon. Meanwhile, he travels the world to share his passion with as many people as possible: giving demonstrations, inspiring and teaching colleagues and students, hosting workshops, and talking to the media.
The pure love of nature features prominently in his work, and Pim is a master of reusing everything he finds: he will always find a good use for any material, combining it with flowers in astonishing ways. Find out what he has in store for us!



Daniel ‘Dani’ Santamaria is a man of many talents, who effortlessly combines the ordinary with the extraordinary. With a Latin background and a shop in Germany, his warm personality extends throughout Europe…

He is a former champion of the ‘Europa Cup’ European Florist Championship, an acclaimed author of books on floral design, proud owner of a successful flower shop in Hamburg, and a teacher at the FLORNET member school Catalan Floral Art School in Barcelona for over 14 years.

It seems fair to say, then, that Dani is in a privileged position! But so are we, in fact, to be able to learn from him and share in his tremendous experience.

Daniel will be presenting us with his concept of the flower shop of the future, which is certain to be a unique, sensational vision. His design work will focus on his trademark clean lines and clean floristry.



Enter the enigmatic world of artist Menno Kroon, who barely needs an introduction!
His characteristic mix of flowers and lively interiors has taken the industry by storm. His floral concept and signature design enjoys worldwide success status.

Through an exclusive video interview shown during our Member’s Congress at IFTF, Menno will share with us the secrets that make his celebrated flower shop in Amsterdam a true experience. Come enter his world!

See, Menno completely changes his shop 5 times a year to give it a spectacularly distinctive character, and attracts clients and visitors by the hundreds in the process. Florint will interview Menno and show you all the procedures of this complex set-up that amazes clients and fellow florists alike, as he transforms his shop from Summer to Autumn in just 2 days.

All in all: a comprehensive, but very different type of demonstration, chock-full of information from the owner of one of the best flower shops in the world!

Members and partner schools of FLORNET, members of Florint and floristry national association’s officers who are dedicated to passion, floristry and education as well as providers of work based continued education are invited to attend Today’s florist for tomorrow’s consumer.

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