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“Re-developing the international education European Master in Floral Design as an effective driver of cooperation of employers and the educational field”


Harrie Meijer of de Groene Welle is a member of the European Interest Group FLORNET transnational Network, a network for professional Colleges (VET). Among several other goals, the network aims at improving the quality of education in training for a job in the floristry retail sector, i.e. a floral designer and/or florist/shopkeeper.

FLORNET is working closely with the international branch organisation for the flower retail sector, FLORINT. Side by side the two organisations are working together in several projects to improve the quality of training, the quality of assessment and to improve and strengthen the industry and its image. In this context, the interview was conducted by a journalist of the German trade magazine, distributed by the Trade Association for the German floristry retail sector. The development of an education for International Associate and International Bachelor (EQF Level 5 and 6) and institutionalizing an effective cooperation of the international industry and the European field of education are paramount in the project.

Harrie Meijer indicates: "In the published article is in my opinion too much attention given to the development of EQF Level 5 and 6; not enough value is given to the project results which will strengthen existing programs at the EQF Levels 3 and 4 and the assessment on these levels (not only in the Netherlands but also in Germany, Norway, Finland, Hungary, and all other EU countries)."

Harrie Meijer continues: "The development of an education at the EQF level 5 and 6 should strengthen the quality of training at the EQF levels (2) 3 and 4 all over Europe and raise the attractiveness to practise the profession at these professional levels. The quality of the curriculum at the educational levels (2) 3 and 4 will be improved and strengthened by the descent of international elements from the level 5 education into the existing educations.
In addition to improving and strengthening the existing training, the education at level 5 and 6 meet the needs (and demands) from the business to an education that leads to professions in the international flower trade on EQF 5 and 6. Professions which, according to market research, exist and asked  by the international business in this sector.
Currently there are several florists active on EQF 5 but there is no training leading to these functions."

Last April, during the international conference of EUROPEA, an European network of approximately 1200 Colleges in the green area, Harrie Meijer has given a presentation on the preliminary results of this project. In addition to representatives of these Colleges divided over all EU countries, also representatives of the inspectorate of education and representatives of several EU Ministries of Agriculture and Education were present.
Last May, at the meeting of the sectoral VET platform internationalization of the AOC Counsel, Harry gave a presentation on the international network FLORNET, about the structure of the European Platform Education-Industry for the flower trade, on the results of the project "Certifying assessors and judges in Floristry and on the preliminary results of the on-going project “Re-developing the international education European Master in Floral Design as an effective driver of cooperation of employers and the educational field.”
During the project, the name European Master in Floral Design was altered in International Associate in Floristry & Design and International Bachelor in Floristry & Design.

Next to the presentation of FLORNET and its project at the website of Leonardo da Vinci,  the National Agency Life Long Learning included a short article about the partnership project FLORNET in their once in the quarter appearing ‘Newsflash – edition June 2013’ as well. In this article a link to the website of Leonardo da Vinci was added.

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